What happens after you upload your data

So, you’ve gathered your data, uploaded all the essentials via the secure uploader… Now what?

Your data is going to be transformed!

Our Data Team is lovingly going through your records one by one – validating emails, addresses, and running a process to find errors and ambiguities. If you submitted more than one file, we’ll stitch them together before running these checks.

The data cleansing process will produce a report which highlights any missing information and records to review. 

We’ll input as much data as we can into the system (so that you can enjoy the benefits of them being contacted). Then we'll let you know that there are entries to be reviewed in the Load Approval Feature in your dashboard.

Review and resolve any red flags we brought to your attention in the data tracker

Then our Data Team will (once again) run their tests and checks on your data to ensure that everything is perfect. Then they'll load your final data entries into the system.

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