How to get data from MIDAS

This quick article will give you guidance on:

  • Which MIDAS fields you need
  • What to request from MIDAS on first load and for completions.

Step 1

Raise a ticket with MIDAS 

You need to make two report requests:

  • Request a firm PED report with the below fields*
  • Request an automated monthly PED report to be sent to you. This should include whatever was sent in the first load plus any new deals

The fields* you need in these reports:

  • Pro Client Folder Id
  • Exchange Date
  • Adviser First Name
  • Adviser Last Name
  • Adviser Email
  • Completion Date
  • Adminstrator Name
  • Mortgage Id
  • Address1
  • Address2
  • Address3
  • Address4
  • Town
  • County
  • Post Code
  • Mortgage Loan Type
  • Lender
  • Lead Source Name
  • Lead Source Branch Name
  • Date Written
  • Mortgage Type
  • Loan Sub Type
  • Term
  • Purchase Price
  • Loan Required
  • Repayment Amount
  • Interest Only
  • Product Details
  • Product End Date
  • C1Name
  • C1Date Of Birth
  • c1Email
  • c1Mobile
  • c1Telephone
  • C1Communication Telephone
  • C1Communication Face To Face
  • C1Communication Sms
  • C1Communication Email
  • C1Communication Third Party Intermediaries
  • C1Communication Other
  • C1Marketing Optin
  • C1Marketing Post
  • C1Marketing Email
  • C1Marketing Telephone
  • C1Marketing Sms
  • C1Marketing Automated Call
  • C1Marketing Face To Face
  • C1Marketing Website Enquiry
  • C1Marketing Third Party Intermediaries
  • C1Marketing Other
  • C1Re Engage
  • C2Name
  • C2Date Of Birth
  • c2Email
  • c2Mobile
  • c2Telephone
  • C2Communication Telephone
  • C2Communication Face To Face
  • C2Communication Sms
  • C2Communication Email
  • C2Communication Third Party Intermediaries
  • C2Communication Other
  • C2Marketing Optin
  • C2Marketing Post
  • C2Marketing Email
  • C2Marketing Telephone
  • C2Marketing Sms
  • C2Marketing Automated Call
  • C2Marketing Face To Face
  • C2Marketing Website Enquiry
  • C2Marketing Third Party Intermediaries
  • C2Marketing Other
  • C2Re Engage

Step 2

Upload your data into the system

Once you've signed a contract with us we'll be in touch to give you access to our system so you can securely upload your data.

Instructions on how to do so are here: How to upload my data for Eligible.

I need help

Data not coming through from MIDAS? We're happy to share fellow MIDAS firms who have already been through this process and who they spoke to at MIDAS to get things set up quickly. Just get in touch.

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