How to get data from Revolution

    This quick article will give you guidance on:

    • What to request from Stonebridge and how to do so.
    • Which Revolution fields you will need.

    Step 1

    Contact Stonebridge Partner Support.
    Please make your request by emailing or call 0345 646 5505  and select option 5.

    You need to make a request for access to the client_data_export_V2 report - only available to business principals.

    For your information, these are the exact fields you need in the report:

  • Applicant1 Name
  • Applicant1 Last Name
  • Applicant1 email
  • Applicant1 Phone number
  • Applicant1 DOB
  • Applicant1 Employment
  • Applicant1 Smoker Status
  • Applicant1 Health
  • Applicant2 First Name
  • Applicant2 Last Name
  • Applicant2 Email
  • Applicant2 Phone Number
  • Applicant2 DOB
  • Applicant2 Employment
  • Applicant2 Smoker Status
  • Applicant2 Health
  • Adviser name
  • Adviser email
  • Prop Address
  • Prop Town
  • Prop County
  • Post Code
  • Property Value
  • Original Mortgage Amount
  • Lender Name
  • Mortgage Product Description
  • Policy Account Number
  • Completed On Date
  • Exchanged On Date
  • Initial Term Expiry Date
  • Preferential Rate
  • Scheme Term(months)
  • Mortgage Term (years)
  • Interest Rate Type
  • Interest Rate After Initial Rate
  • BTLRegulated
  • Repayment Method
  • Initial Rate
  • ERP End Date
  • ERP Description
  • On Variable Rate
  • Is Landlord
  • Adverse Credit Events
  • Mortgage Free
  • Buy to let ERC
  • Policy Type
  • Premium
  • Commission Safe Date
  • Start Date of Protection
  • End Date of Protection
  • Dependants
  • Taken Protection
  • Income Protection
  • Home Insurance
  • Other GIPolicy
  • Policy ID

    Step 2

    Please extract as-is (xslx format works) and upload your data into the system.

    Once you've signed a contract with us we'll be in touch to give you access to our system so you can securely upload your data.

    Instructions on how to do so are here: How to upload my data for Eligible.

    Any issues, please do get in touch.

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