How to extract data from

These instructions are for 360 users to upload data to the system. Please always upload your entire data set.
You can use this guide for initial data and completion data.

Getting started

You'll need 2 reports pulled from the system to get the fields you need.

  • Campaign manager (for client contact information)
  • Performance explorer (for product information)

Step 1

Open 360.

Step 2: Download report 2: Campaign Manager

Click 360 Office > Tools > Campaign Manager

Select ‘Table = Case’, ‘Field = CaseID’, and select ‘Add Clause’.

Change the dropdown to ‘Greater Than or Equal’, and remove the line above this.

The query itself should look like this:

Click  ‘Run Query’ (bottom corner of screen).

Click  ‘Export to Excel’ (at top of screen).

Step 3: Download report 4: Performance Explorer

Click 360 Office > Tools > Performance Explorer > Show Data.

Select Time Period, ( we need your entire data set each time you upload) example: (2017- 2022) then right click ‘Mortgages Written’ and select ‘Show Detail List’.

Add in the extra fields we need by right-clicking and selecting ‘Column Chooser’.

Add columns: 

  • End Date
  • Penalty End Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Correspondence Address
  • Property Address
  • Status Changed

Right-click on the data itself again and select ‘Export Grid to CSV’ to bring it out of 360.

Step 4

Upload to Eligible.

Please name these files exactly as below:

  • Campaign manager
  • Performance explorer

I need help

You can contact their 1st Line Support on 0845 6592 360 or email

Alternatively, we’re happy to jump on screen shares with you.

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