How to Upload Data to Eligible

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  • Can I email you my data?
  • Who can upload data?
  • How do I upload?
  • What do I upload?

Can I email you my data?


We never accept data sent via email nor will our team ever request you email any data across. The security of you and your clients is top priority to us and email is not a secure way to send sensitive data.

The secure uploader is how you should always send data across to us. It’s the safest way.

Who can upload data?

Generally, anyone with a manager or managing advisor permission group can upload files but this may vary depending on your firms settings.

How do I upload?

If you have upload permissions you'll be able to upload data (CSV or Excel format) directly into Eligible.

  1. Log in
  2. Go to file manager
  3. Upload your file(s) as "mortgage data"

What do I upload?

Upload your entire back book monthly to ensure no records are missed. We'll auto-filter out any expired deals.

Please include all the key fields (pdf) we need from your CRM.

Please avoid uploading any test case files. We won't be able to process these.

Once you’ve uploaded your file, our data team will review and be in touch with next steps.

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