The load approval feature explained

Once you submitted your data to us, our Data Team went through a thorough checking process. Carefully scanning each of your records to ensure there were no red flags or missing information.

This is where Load Approval comes in to save the day! 

We’ll load all the data that we can for you into the system so that you can enjoy the benefits from the earliest opportunity. 

Then we'll show you the data entries that need to be reviewed, resolved or classified before ingestion. 

Watch the quick tutorial:

Log in, click on the file uploader (cloud and arrow icon), then click "Load Approval" and "All items". This will take you to a list of the data entries that our system flagged for review

Don’t panic – entries are at an applicant-level, rather than mortgage-level. If you’ve got multiple applicants, this list could shrink down twice as fast as you’d expect!

Click on a row to see details of the consumer and issue.

Red errors are "hard issues" missing compulsory fields that we’ll need you to fill in for us to upload the record.

red error

Yellow “i”s are "soft issues" – items for review, such as duplicate consumer names or contact details.

orange error

Blue “?”s are issues that we’re looking for you to help us classify, such as ‘we think this is a further advance rather than a new mortgage’…

Make any changes straight into the highlighted text boxes. Then click the save button in the top-right of your screen. 

Once you’re ready, click "Submit changes" to finish:

If there’s anything you’re unable to fix or change, please click ‘unable to fix’ in the top-right corner, and let us know where you need our help.

After you’ve submitted your changes, we’ll run it through another data cleansing process and get the records added to the system.

Happy data validating!

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