Automated Toolbox completions (AR firms only)

Time to flip the script

Isn’t it funny, that in every dystopian movie when the machines take over, it’s viewed as a bad thing? Well, we love machines and what they can do for us… And we’re fairly confident you’ll love them too, once you know that we’ve got them to take another huge task off your plate – sending completions.

Say what?

Usually, on the 15th of every month, we’d be in touch to ask you to send us a spreadsheet of your completions and new business. 

Since partnering with PRIMUS, we’re now able to offer AR firms using Toolbox a hands-off option for monthly completions. We’ll do it for you!

Want to make this dream a reality?

Simply login, go to your settings, and fill in the details at the bottom of the page under ‘Toolbox Completions’.

We’ll need your branch ID and your network information. Once we have these two things, you can kick back and let us do the work.

Feel free to check out the other articles about data & completions here in the Knowledge Base, or get in touch if you have any questions.

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