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Wouldn’t it be nice if the world were a simpler place? A place where you had somewhere to hold your hand every step you took, a place where you were practically omniscient.

Luckily, we’ve made Eligible that place. Our status tags make it clearer for you to know where each of your leads is. So, you can login and instantly find out how engaged each of your clients are and who to prioritise.

Login to check out the tags:

On the right hand-column of each of your lists, tags let you know how engaged your clients are.

The tags you will see in your My Leads and Urgent Lists:

Logged in lets you know whether your clients are actively using their side of the app. A tag appears after a login, and disappears if there has been no activity for 30 days.

Account created shows you when a user first creates an account. This tag disappears after 30 days, or updates with a logged in tag, if relevant.

The original tags are still there too.

Call requested tells you when one of your clients requests a callback from the client app.

Call back reminds you which of your clients you’d managed to connect with. But only long enough to arrange a call at a later date.

Try again shows you which of your clients have requested a call, but haven't been contacted yet.

Assigned lets you know when someone new has been added to your leads list, either by a manager or an admin. This will usually be a client from the ‘orphans’ list, or from another adviser’s list.

Viewed Mortgage shows you that the client logged into their consumer application and engaged with the current mortgage. It's an engagement tag to show you that a client is active.

Login to take a look at your priority list and see which of your clients are engaged.

Clients up for renewal soon? View the Urgent List section here.

Now that we have introduced Lifecycle to your consumers, you will need to also familiarise yourself with the new status tags available in your Lifecyle List. This is where you can find your NEW list based on the new modules consumers will now have access too:

Interest Rates - If the base rate has changed and this has affected the consumers mortgage interest rate, they will receive an alert to let them know they can request a call to discuss this with their advisor or ignore the alert. If they request a call, you will see this tag appear in your lifecycle list.

Product Rates - If the client is eligible for a better product and they are interested in discussing this further, they will request a call which will display with this tag on your lifecycle list.

Property Value - If a consumers property value has changed, they will be alerted at which they can request a call or ignore the alert. When they request a call, you will see this tag appear in your Lifecycle list.

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