Consumer App Upgrade - What Changes for Business Users

With the introduction of the Consumer App Upgrade, here are some of the changes you as a business user will see:

  • The Lifecycle List will allow you to see all of the consumers that have requested a call regarding base rate changes, property value & product rates. Call requests regarding expiry dates will continue to show in your My Leads and Urgent Lists.

  • There will be new tags that you will see in the in status columns which will be relating to the specific call requests that will now be available to the consumer.

So how do I action these requests?

Slightly different to what you're used to, but even quicker! Click “View details” for the information you need when calling the client.

You’ll be prompted to mark the outcome of the call, which starts by asking “Did you speak to the client". 

The full flow is included below (view larger version):

Looking for how to action end-of-term call requests? You can find that here via Quick select.

As always... just make sure you're keeping the system up-to-date.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the live chat or send us an email at 💙

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