Consumer App Upgrade - What Changes for Consumers?

Once logged in, consumers will get a short tour of the new features explaining what the app will now be tracking and why. After all, we want consumers to be informed about their mortgage journey as much as possible💙. You can watch a quick video about the new upgraded application here.

Each journey for a consumer will be unique to their mortgage products. Plus, they'll get access to a host of new additions that help them:

💥Stay in the loop with timely relevant alerts so they always think of you, first.

💥Track their property value over-time.

💥Know how interest rate changes may impact payments.

💥See what opportunities they will have to save on their current deal.

💥Get a quarterly portfolio check in report.

Plus still the same remortgage reminders, birthdays and annual check-ins ( where applicable).

All of these opportunities will prompt consumers to request a call or ignore the alert, which in turn will alert the adviser as always. Keeping your firm front of mind at all times 🎉 .

Want to know what changes for you? Read our article here.


Can the client unsubscribe if they want to?

Yes, the client will have the ability to opt out of any of the modules and you can also let us know if the client has requested this too.

Will there be any additional steps the business user now has to fulfil?

No, you will continue to action all of your leads on Eligible as you did before. You will now see status tags that will allow you to determine what module the consumer has requested the call for.

How will Consumers log in?

Consumers would complete an account with the email we have retrieved from the data you provided along with a password of their choice.

How often are the interest rate notifications?

This would only go out whenever there is an update and a change is visible for that particular mortgage belonging to the consumer.

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